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Interested in joining this project? Complete the questionnaire!

Participate in this project!

We are currently looking for keen volunteers to partcipate in the citizen science section (Phase 1) this project which will consist of conducting some simple air sampling at four timepoints (spring, summer, autumn, winter) during the year! We are recruiting from the following 12 countries in Latin America:​

  • Argentina​

  • Brazil

  • Chile

  • Colombia

  • Costa Rice

  • Ecuador

  • Guatemala

  • Mexico

  • Paraguay

  • Peru

  • Uruguay

  • Venezuela

If you are interested in joining this exciting project, please complete the questionnaire to submit an expression of interest or continue reading to find out more about this project!​ No experience in science required, anyone can volunteer!

Information on participating

This project involves passive air sampling at four times (spring, summer, autumn, winter) to get an idea of the presence of possible fungi and azole-resistant A. fumigatus in the environment. Your participation will help to raise awareness among governments about the potential risk of fungal infections and to develop better treatments for these infections. Your participation does you no harm, as you are only collects fungal spores that are always present in our usual environment. 

The survey will take place as follows: two weeks before the four pre-established times for air sampling (spring, summer, autumn, winter), you will receive an envelope containing two air samplers, an instruction sheet on how to carry out the sampling , a newsletter about the project, a short questionnaire related to sampling conditions and a prepaid mailing envelope for returning the material. One day before the scheduled pick-up date, you will receive a reminder via SMS. 

All personal data collected will be kept confidential and their locations will be made anonymous. Your name and address are only needed to send the sample packages, and we assure you that they will not be disclosed. Only the location you enter in the questionnaire will be assigned to the sample, for analysis of the geographic distribution of the fungi. Your mobile number will only be used to send a reminder one day before the scheduled air collection date, and will be removed later. Providing your email address is optional but will be required if you would like to be contacted to provide you with updates on project progress and access to an interactive map. At no time will your personal data be shared with third parties and will only be kept registered during the period of this project.

You may opt out of this project at any time by communicating your decision by email to We will then delete all your data, including information relating to collections that you may have already carried out. If you would like to receive detailed information about the project, or have any questions feel free to contact us at

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